What is reproduction furniture

Reproduction furniture is designed to look exactly like their antique counterparts and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Determining the difference between antique furniture and reproductions comes down to wood, upholstery, construction, joinery, and odor. Reproductions may be constructed of a single type of wood, whereas antiques were often constructed using multiple types of wood due to scarcity and expense. Genuine antiques also often show signs of wear in areas sustaining frequent contact or use. Furthermore, antique furniture was often upholstered with natural materials until the 1920s, when synthetic fabrics and materials were first introduced to mainstream manufacturing.
One of the principal advantages to choosing reproduction furniture is that the value will not suffer in case of damage or wear and tear over time. Add a touch of elegance to your dining room by incorporating a distinctive curio cabinet or create a more organized home office with the help of a secretary desk. Looking to add a bit of old-world glamor to your bedroom? Look no further than side table replicas, highboy dressers, or elegant vanities.
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