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Black Cloth Vintage Lamp:
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Black Cloth Vintage Lamp Description:

Adorn your living room with the beautiful black cloth vintage style decorated lamp. The Black Cloth Vintage Lamp base is tastefully designed, epitomizing sheer luxury and elegance. The lamp is no less than a decorative lamp that makes for the perfect decor. The elegant look of the lamp base makes it a lovely buy. This house decoration item measures 61 cm in height. You may accessorize your living room or bedroom with the beautiful vintage style decorative lamp.

How to care for the Black Cloth Vintage Lamp:

 You may use only soft dry cloth to clean the beautiful  decorative lamp. Do not use damp cloth to clean and maintain the decorative lamp, as it may not be safe to do so.

Why buy the Black Cloth Vintage Lamp: 

You may choose to buy the beautiful vintage style decorative lamp or present it to someone special, as it looks elegant yet is stylish. The lamp base design symbolizes luxury, sophistication, and class. This modern decor item, being black in its colour, complements any living room or bedroom decoration. The decorative lamp is durable yet classy. It is the perfect choice for contemporary homes.

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Color: Blue
Height (cm): 61
Care Instructions: Wipe with clean & soft cloth
Black Cloth Vintage Lamp
Black Cloth Vintage Lamp

595.00 AED + VAT