Agfa Apotar

Agfa made this folding 35mm viewfinder camera between 1952 and 1955. The styling echos the medium-format Agfa Isolette cameras.

The Solinette is a horizontal folder, i.e. the bed drops downwards on struts with the camera held horizontally, distinguishing it from the otherwise somewhat similar Kodak Retina. The top plate is almost symmetrical, with matching advance and rewind knobs, and the shutter release button on the right matching the bed release on the left.

The shutter is cocked manually. The release button is threaded for a cable release. There is a double-exposure prevention interlock, with no override control. The shutter is synchronized for flash, with a PC socket on top of the shutter unit, and a cold shoe on the top plate. The lens focuses to 1m (3½ feet); focusing is by movement of the whole lens and shutter, with a focus ring behind the lens.

550.00 AED + VAT