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The “Three-D” from Coronet is a stereo camera for pairs of photos on 127 film.

The Coronet 3-D is a stereo camera that was manufactured in England c1954. It’s made of bakelite and takes 127 film. The little knob to the upper left of lens #1 allows that lens to be blocked in order to take single pictures (as opposed to stereo pairs).

The early versions have a ribbed bakelite case, although these were supplanted by the smooth case shown here. Later models have a speckled bakelite body. The camera employs fixed focus lenses with a single shutter speed, and the shutter release is located on the right side of the camera, towards the front of the body. It is possible to switch the camera to taking 8 single (non-stereo) images per roll by blocking one lens with a built-in internal metal cover.

650.00 AED + VAT