Brownie Super 27

The Brownie Super 27 is a viewfinder camera taking 4x4cm images on 127 film.

It was made in the USA by Kodak, from August 1961 – June 1965. It has a built-in flash holder for AG-1 flashbulbs, covered by a door beside the lens. The f/8 Kodar lens has two aperture stops – “SUNNY” (f/13.5) and “CL’DY BR’T/FLASH” (f/8), selected by a knob on the front, between the viewfinder and lens. There are two focus zones, “CLOSE-UP” (3½-6ft) and “BEYOND 6ft”. The shutter has two speeds, 1/80 when the flash door is closed, and 1/40 when open. Winding the film cocks the shutter, hence preventing double-exposures. There was an auto-exposure version of the Super 27, called the Brownie Auto 27.

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