Clemens Typewriter

Antique TypeWriter – Clemens Muller AG Dresden

Friedrich August Clemens Müller (born July 13, 1828 in Dresden ; † August 16, 1902 there ) was a German entrepreneur . As the founder of the sewing machine factory named after him, he was one of the founders of sewing machine production in Germany.

In 1909 the production of office typewriters of the “Urania” type began. The “Urania-Vega” produced since 1920 was the first typewriter with longitudinal and transverse adder. Other well-known brands of the company were for sewing machines “Stella” and “Original Saxonia”, as well as for small typewriters “Perkeo” (from 1912),  “Piccola” (from 1925) and “Klein-Urania” (from 1935).

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