Also known as Rheinmetall Perfekta I, Rigid rectangular front. The design is very much like the Druopta Efekta, except for the placement of the shutter control and release.

Rheinmetall Perfekta is a series of medium format film box cameras made by VEB Rheinmetall Büromachinenwerk-Sömmerda,Thüringen, former East Germany, and introduced in c.1954.

  • Aperture: f/7.7-f/11-f/16 controlled by a small knob below the lens
  • Shutter: one speed, M and Z (Instant and B) shutter control on the side of the lens barrel
  • Flash sync: with or without flash synchronized versions
  • Shutter-release was a button below the lens, opposite the aperture knob

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